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Alliances & Customers
At Apolent, establishment of strategic technology and business alliances with a network
of leading edge innovators and market leaders, significantly enhance our capabilities to
deliver the best business process and technological solutions which meet the needs of our 
customers. Apolent chooses to work with alliance partners with best in class technologies
in specific industries to develop business solutions for our customers.

Apolent’s technology alliances: We work with alliance partners in order to build technical
competency in the alliance partner's technology through training, working closely with the
alliance partner's engineering organization and the development of such expertise at
Apolents’ Centers of Domain Excellence.

Apolent’s business alliances: Apolent and the alliance partner jointly develop and sell
business solutions which leverage both parties complementary expertise in building and
delivering technology and services.

If your company is interested in discussing and potentially establishing a technology or
business alliance with Apolent, please send an email to: alliances@apolent.com

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